"Produced by women in music for women in music, the Women in Music Festival is an affordable weekend conference and showcase. With markets, workshops and performances, this niche event is in its second year of production and has already gathered quite a following." - FORBES


East Bay Express

The Ladies Behind Oakland's Women In Music Festival Respond To The Bay's Male-Dominated Scene  

"Evangeline Elder and Carmena Woodward were sick of the boys’ club. “2013 to 2016 was a bro fest. Every party!” reminisced Elder of Oakland’s party scene. 
Woodward, also known as DJ Red Corvette, confirmed her friend’s take. “It was a bro fest,” she said, adding that promoters “would ask [her] how to get women” at shows. But the root of the problem was unambiguous: “Ya’ll only play music for dudes.”

Now, the two women are the principal organizers behind this week’s Women in Music Festival — a series of events over the course of four days that includes performances, parties, panels, and a marketplace, all centering women in the world of music. 

The festival is a community-oriented and women–led response to an East Bay music scene that, when it comes to women, Elder and Woodward argue is isolating at its best, and misogynistic at its worst." 
- Ruth Gebreyesus via East Bay Express

Women in Music Takeover The Bay Area

"Last Thursday evening, the Pandora headquarters buzzed with a warm, excited energy despite the torrential downpour outside. A DJ in the back corner of the meeting room played chill, mellowed-out beats as people began to trickle in. The reason for the occasion? A kick-off panel for the first-ever Women in Music festival — a weekend-long event of concerts, conferences, and panels completely run and organized by women and featuring some of the brightest women from all facets of the Bay Area music scene."
- Eda Yu via Berkeley B-Side


The Women in Music Festival: History in the Making 

"They created this for not only women in the music industry, but all women everywhere. The message that Woodward and Elder have revealed is that there are so many women out there doing absolutely incredible work, all breakers of the glass ceiling, yet all existing in a world that breeds competition among women. These competitive dynamics leave us with the unfortunate assumption that there can only be one successful woman around- the twisted concept of the token woman. Woven through a series of curated events such as panels, workshops, a market, and dance parties, even an incredibly refreshing yoga course, certain themes kept emerging; these themes were conversations that were finally given the chance to see the light of day, conversations that everyone seemed to know were going to change the framework from that moment forward."
- Amina El Kabbany via YK La Familia